5000 PLN for free for new customers of Morki



February 16, 2019 Morki spring promotion! From now on new customers have a chance for the first loan for free up to 5000 PLN! Money for any purpose, quickly and without formalities. After 30 days you give back as much as you borrow. 

Using the Morki.pl offer, we can get a maximum of PLN 12,000 for up to 30 days. What’s more, if we care about the first free payday pay, we’ll get up to PLN 5,000 free of additional fees. Are you looking for an attractive offer?

Morki raises the bar – higher amount of free online loan

Morki raises the bar - higher amount of free online loan

Morki.pl has been appearing in the monthly rankings for the best online loans for years. Now new customers of the company can count on even more. As part of the latest promotion, the first loan from the APRC 0% We will borrow PLN 200 to 5000 for 30 days.

There are no hidden fees or small prints. A condition of a free loan is its timely repayment. The offer can be used only once, subsequent loan costs will be charged.

Who has the chance to get a promotional loan at Morki?

Who has the chance to get a promotional loan at Morki?

All customers who have never used the Morki service before can benefit from the free loan. All you need to do is correctly submit a loan application and meet the company’s requirements. The borrower is required to have Polish citizenship and a place of residence and work in the country. Additional conditions that we must meet are:

  • age from 20 to 75 years,
  • own mobile number,
  • personal bank account,
  • valid ID card,
  • full legal capacity,
  • positive assessment of creditworthiness.

The lender does not require any income declarations or additional documents. The borrower’s identity is confirmed by a verification transfer of PLN 0.01. The time of issuing the loan decision depends on the hours of booking the transfer. After accepting the application, the money will be immediately transferred to the client’s account.

Offer for regular Morki customers

Offer for regular Morki customers

Do you think the best Morki is only for new customers? Nothing could be more wrong, the company also appreciates its regular borrowers. In the case of a second loan, we can apply for between PLN 200 and 120,000! The repayment date does not change and it is still between 1 and 30 days.

If we are unable to pay the loan on time, we can apply for an extension of the loan period by another 7, 14 or 30 days. We can extend the first loan twice, and each subsequent loan only once. The service will avoid criminal interest and entry in the debtors database. The amount of extension fees is included in the Loan Agreement and in the Customer Profile.